Who is God to you?

12.30.15 Who is God to you? To me He is my all without Him I would be nothing. 
Whether we realize it or not, we’re all looking for a way to feel connected with our root of happiness, our Source, God, Higher Power, etc. 
We know that our Creator is the Source of our life force, wellbeing, joy and love. We may not be CONSCIOUSLY aware of this, but deep inside we know that we are never separate from God. We only think that we are separate because of our false sense of guilt, shame and unworthiness, out of which all sickness and dis-ease arises. To me, God is a steadfast rock. When I question and wander away, He is there waiting for me to find my way back. When I need a place to throw my anchor, He never moves. When I need something that stays the same in a world where everything is constantly changing, He has never moved. I could go on . . . .

So, who is God to me? He is my refuge, my safe place. In His faithfulness, He clung to me when my faith was too weak to hold on. When I’ve been weak, He’s carried me through. He is ever present, and seems to prove Himself over and over to me in ways that would likely seem insignificant to others. I am also starting to see Him as being much more than just the Creator of all, but also that he indwells all – the ocean, the wind, the mountains, the trees. I find myself letting go of the struggle to figure out God and try to change myself to fit my perception of who I think He wants me to be . . . and instead, just start noticing Him in the world around me.

So with that think about the statement: Who is God to me? Then right a comment to let people know who God is to you.

Lord Please be with my facebook family and friends and know that I love You. I ask these things in Jesus Name Amen.

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